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Top 10 Best Chipper Shredders Review for 2023

A lot of people will tell you that getting the best chipper shredder is a must for your lawn or garden. Why? Well, collecting a large amount of debris is time-consuming. Not just that, having a huge pile of them in your lawn will kill your grass since they block sunlight.

A chipper shredder, or a woodchipper, will turn large chunks of woods and debris to more manageable sizes and transform them into beneficial materials. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

These chipper shredders vary from light electric devices to heavy-duty gasoline power tools. We are here to help you choose the best one, so keep on reading!

10 Best Chipper Shredders Reviews

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We know you don’t want to get your hands on the wrong chipper shredder. So be sure to check these reviews and pick one that meets your standards.

1. Sun Joe CJ602E-RED 15 Amp Electric Woodchipper/Shredder

Sun Joe CJ602E-RED 15 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder, Red

The Sun Joe CJ602E is an electrically powered chipper shredder perfect for light uses. If you have a pretty small garden and have to deal with minimal debris, this model might be for you.

It can process up to 1.5 inches diameter of twigs and branches. Yard trimmings and fallen leaves should turn to mush once processed in this tool. These can be very useful for your garden and trees. On the other hand, the wood chippings can absolutely add a beautiful smoked flavor to your meat once you use it with your grill.

Furthermore, it features a reduction ratio of 17:1, meaning this machine can efficiently reduce your materials to less than 6% of its original size. This is made possible by the blades rotating at over 4k revolutions per minute.

As light as it is, this machine is also very quiet when used. The minimal noise is produced when the wood is being chipped and lasts just a few seconds. Another highlight of this product is the set of blades it comes with.

Aside from the mentioned blade RPM, you can have these blades replaced if they lose sharpness on both sides. But you can always sharpen them regularly to extend the lifespan.

The machine also is almost maintenance-free. It can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth. Just be sure not to spray the device with water since this is electrically powered. Also, never clean it with strong chemicals.

Its small, compact design makes this machine really portable. It weighs just a little over 25 pounds so you can take it anywhere you want. Other than that, it also comes with 6-inch wheels.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Does not need too much maintenance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Features a removable safety switch


  • The hopper opening is narrow
  • Damp materials might cause the blade to jam up

2. Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper/Shredder

Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper/Shredder, Collection Bin

We have another electrically powered chipper shredder on our list. Just like the first model, it also features a 15-amp motor, but it has additional benefits that will wow you. This model claims to be a no mess and no fuss machine. Let us check if it is true.

The Earthwise GS70015 chipper shredder may be the best electric out there. As mentioned, this heavy-duty machine is electrically powered and features a 15-amp motor.

You will be impressed that this motor enables the blades to rotate up to 4500rpms. This powerful machine will process twigs and branches with up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter. See, it stands out from the other models out there.

For the operation, it is very easy and simple with this model. It comes with some safety features, one of which is the leaf chute and also a tamper tool.

This protects your hands when depositing the materials into the machine and when collecting them as well. It also features an overload protection reset switch that adds to the machine’s safety.

This model comes with a collection bin which has a capacity of 1.2 bushels. It makes the cleanup very easy and quick, and you do not need to exert too much effort when collecting the shredding.

Ultimately, this model is constructed with safety as a priority. Also, it comes with back wheels if you want to transport it.


  • This model comes with safety features
  • Features a collection bin with a capacity of 1.2 bushels
  • Easy to maneuver with its back wheels
  • Can process materials with up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter


  • Quite heavy, weighs about 31lbs

3. Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Woodchipper

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder, Green

This chipper shredder from Sun Joe is a very impressive model. Compared to other small electric chippers, the CJ603E stands out with its “squirrel cage.” It features a perpendicular type of blade. This enables the model to pull the material by itself. You need less effort to feed the material into the machine.

The model features a powerful 15-amp electric motor. Also, it can process twigs and wood branches up to 1.73 inches in diameter and turn them into useful materials like mulch and wood chips.

This mulch can be used to improve the growth of your plants, and the wood chips can be used for furniture. At the same time, these wood chips can be used for grilling as it adds a beautiful smoky flavor to your meat.

One of the highlights of this model is that it comes with a safety stop feature. With this, the machine will not operate when the hopper is open. This is very impressive since it eliminates the risk of accidents, which can occur if the user is not as careful.

The reduction ratio is an important consideration when buying a chipper shredder. This model features an excellent 21:1 reduction ratio! It significantly turns the lawn debris into smaller, more manageable sizes. Also, you do not contribute to carbon emission if you choose to use this model.

Another highlight of this model is that it is very quiet to use. This is possible through the low rpm combined with the high torque motor. The machine is very easy to assemble, as well. It comes with 7 inches wheels, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another.


  • Impressive reduction ratio of 21:1
  • Can process materials with up to 1.73 inches in diameter
  • Features 7-inch large wheels
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Weighs more than 41lbs which is quite heavy

4. Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Chipper Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Some may think that more powerful machines are the best for their lawns, but this may be wrong. Yes, it is nice to be able to process thick, large chunks of woods in just minutes.

But, ask yourself first if you really need that type of beast in your lawn. Actually, many homeowners have small to medium lawns, and they need to deal with only small twigs and branches.

This Patriot CSV-2515 model might be the best wood chipper shredder out there if you have a pretty small or medium-sized lawn. Purchasing a heavy-duty and gas-powered machine is just not worth it.

Moreover, this model is smart, compact, easy to transport, and really worth the price for those small garden owners. It is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing as well. As mentioned, this model is very versatile and compact. It is easy to transport it around small lawns and gardens.

This very powerful machine – weighing 95lbs, but it comes with a set of large wheels to help with maneuvering. The small size of it makes it very easy to store when not in use; it will not use up a big space in your garage.

It is safe to store this indoors since you do not have to worry about fume poisoning because this model runs with electricity and not gas.

What will impress you more is that this model can shred branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter. You cannot easily find that feature in electrically powered models. Other than that, it runs on only 14-amps of electricity. This is truly and ecofriendly machine. With a heavy-duty extension cord, you’re good to go.


  • A very powerful tool that shreds materials up to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Comes with large wheels for transportation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to store indoors


  • May still clog when too many leaves are fed to the machine
  • Will not process Y shaped branches

5. Landworks Woodchipper Shredder

Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Electric Light Duty 17:1 Reduction 15-Amp 1800 Watts 120VAC (2) Reversible Dual Edge Blades for Lawn & Garden Use or Fire Prevention/Building a Firebreak

This chipper shredder from Landworks is designed to serve you for years and years. Its body is constructed with a heavy-duty polypropylene material so you can be sure it will stay durable for a long time. No doubt that this model will never rust nor dent.

It runs on 15amp electricity; this is a usual power feature with many chipper shredders out there, although this model features some benefits that you may not see from other models. This machine is capable of processing materials with up to 1.57 inches in diameter, perfect for those fallen twigs that mess up your lawn.

This shredder features a nice reduction ratio of 17:1. On the other hand, the blades run at a speed of 4,100 revolutions per minute. This is truly an ecofriendly machine since it produces no smog, fume, and just a minimal noise.

Another feature of this model is that it comes with dual-edge blades, which allow optimum shredding and slicing results. Also, these blades can be reversible. This is a plus since it can easily help to fix jamming when it happens.

It also is easy to operate since it features an easy instant start switch. For user protection, Landworks also equipped it with an overload protection switch.

For transportation, it comes with two 6 inches wheels making the model portable. It also comes with a unique push paddle to feed the machine safely and easily.


  • Has an impressive reduction ratio of 17:1
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes with a unique push paddle to help in feeding the debris into the machine
  • This model is both compact and powerful


  • The wheels on this model are quite small

6. PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Garden Chipper

PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder with Safety Locking Knob, red, Black

One of the best-rated chipper shredders that are affordable, this PowerSmart PS10 chipper machine will wow you with its features. This lightweight chipper shredder is very versatile and easy to maneuver with its wheels. Hence, this is the best choice for small and medium-sized garden owners on a budget.

This model is an electrically powered machine. It features a 15amp motor that runs at a speed of 4500 revolutions per minute. Truly, it is a very powerful machine, considering how lightweight it is.

Another feature you will love with this model is how easy it is to operate. Also, it comes with a safety feature, which is the safety hopper locking knob. If you are the clumsy type of gardener, you will still be safe from accidents with this bad boy. It prevents the motor from running when the hopper is loose or open.

You can take this machine in any part of your garden since it is very portable. It comes with pretty large wheels, so you do not have to worry about maneuvering it. This model weighs about 33lbs, so it’s lightweight compared to other models.

It is also compact, as it’s only 37 inches in height. You can store this in your backyard without it taking too much space.

More on its performance, it can process a decent size of wood branches. You can feed twigs and branches with up to 1 1/5 inches in diameter into this model. 


  • Wonderful choice for small or medium-sized gardens
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Features a safety hopper locking knob
  • Eco-friendly, runs on a 15amp motor only


  • The capacity of processing materials with 1 1/5 inches in diameter might be too small
  • Does not come with a collecting bin

7. Tazz 22752 K33 Chipper Shredder

Tazz 22752 K33 Chipper Shredder - 301cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine, 5 Year Warranty

The Tazz K33 chipper shredder is known to be the best-rated chipper shredder for all-around use. Let us find out why. This is the first model in our list that is powered by gas, and you can definitely tell the difference in performance compared to the electrically powered ones.

One thing that will impress you with this chipper shredder is its versatility. This is one of the best choices for homeowners who have a lot of material debris in their lawn or yard.

Even though it is a gas-powered machine, the size of it is still relatively compact. It stands only about 30 by 25 inches, so it does not take up a large space in your lawn. With this, you can move it around easier as well.

This model features a powerful eight horsepower engine – a true heavy-duty machine. On the other hand, this model needs a lot of fuel to work, which is a major drawback for gardeners on a budget. This chipper shredder comes with a 1.72-gallon fuel tank.

Still, users love to use this model since it can process wood chunks with a diameter of up to 3 inches. Another thing worth mentioning is that this model pulls the material into itself, and you do not have to push the wood into the machine.

For the blades, inside this chipper shredder is a set of two blades for slicing and four hammer blades. This enables the machine to reduce the material up to 20:1 reduction ratio. It also features an optional vacuum kit. The hose sucks the leaves into the shredder by wheeling it around the garden.


  • This model is both compact and powerful
  • Has an impressive reduction ratio of 20:1
  • The machine pulls in the materials by itself
  • Comes with an optional vacuum kit


  • Uses a lot of gas which can be costly

8. YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder

YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder, 3" Diameter, Briggs & Stratton, CR950, 6.5HP, 208cc

The Yardmax YW7565 model has two main qualities; they are simplicity and durability. This durable and ergonomically designed machine is very simple and easy to operate.

It claims to turn the laborious task of getting rid of garden debris into an enjoyable and quick job. Also, it can effectively process wood branches and twigs with a diameter of up to 3inches.

The model is powered by a 6.5 horsepower engine. This machine boasts an impressively powerful gas engine that produces an output of 9.5 ft-lbs. Aside from that, this model is constructed with solid heavy-duty steel.

This makes the model one of the most durable and top of the line in the market. Moreover, this tool is no doubt strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling.

Despite its heavy-duty use, the blades on this chipper shredder are very easy to clean and maintain. Also, this model features a self-feeding chute that can process long and large branches by itself. With this, you can easily take care of large chunks of woods without too much preparation.

This model also features a set of pneumatic wheels. These wheels can make transportation very easy and smooth even if your lawn is not very flat or bumpy.

Compared to other bigger chipper shredders in the market, this model is a perfect DIY machine for gardeners who wants to make the most out of their debris without breaking the bank.


  • Features a set of pneumatic wheels that makes transportation very smooth
  • Affordable compared to other gas-powered models
  • Features a 3-inch capacity which is perfect for medium-sized gardens
  • Comes with a self-feeding tube, no need to push the materials into the shredder


  • Not efficient in shredding wet wood and leaves
  • Lacks a muffler safety guard

9. Champion 3-Inch Portable Chipper-Shredder

Champion 3-Inch Portable Chipper-Shredder with Collection Bag

While performance is crucial in choosing a chipper shredder, it is as important to consider how you will collect the debris. In line with this, it is a nice feature for a chipper shredder to come with a collection bag. Well, this Champion chipper shredder offers that feature along with other benefits that will impress you.

This model is a chipper shredder that can handle heavy-duty work with ease. Considered one of the best chipper shredders for leaves and branches, this gas-powered model makes cleaning up large-sized yards quick and easy without exerting so much effort.

Moreover, this features a powerful 338cc motor which drives a single-cylinder OHV engine. Technically, overheld valve engines offer a higher low-end torque and a more compact size. This gas-powered chipper shredder comes with a 1.6-gallon tank. It also comes with a 1.2-quart oil capacity as well.

For the operation, it is very easy to use overall. The large chute in this model makes it easy to load twigs, leaves, and wood branches. Moreover, this machine can process debris with a diameter of up to 3 inches. This is perfect for those fallen twigs you want to turn into useful materials.

You can even sell these wood chunks for a few bucks! Another highlight for this model is the 2-bushel bin it comes with.

The model is very durable since it is constructed with a steel frame. For the blades, they are 13.8-inch in size and are equipped with 4 hammers, which slices and shreds the debris easily. For transportation, it features 12’ tires and comes with an ergonomic handle.


  • Comes with large 12” tires that are never flat
  • Features an ergonomic handle for easy transport
  • Comes with a large 2-bushel bins
  • Powerful engine


  • The blades can be improved
  • Lacks safety features

10. Yard Machines 24A-45M4700 208cc Chipper Shredder

Yard Machines 24A-45M4700 208cc Chipper Shredder

The last product on our list is the Yard Machines 208cc chipper shredder. This model is specifically designed for those heavy-duty tasks and is suitable for even the largest yards out there.

For its power source, this model is powered by a 208 cc OHV 4-cycle engine gas-powered engine which easily processes heavy and large wood branches efficiently and smoothly.

You can operate this machine with ease and effortlessness. This machine saves a lot of time and money with its 3-way feeding system. You have a choice between the 2” chipper chute, drop down and rake in the chute.

With these options in one machine, you can definitely find the option that will work best for you and your materials.

Other than these, it also features pneumatic tires. With a size and weight that this model has, it is important to have a set of wheels that can transport it without issues.

These pneumatic wheels will enable the user to maneuver this heavy machine from one place to another even if the yard is bumpy and has a rough surface. It also features a towing bar, which adds to the easy transport.

For the blades, it features a 10inch chromium steel blade which enables it to chip and shred with optimum performance. This also makes the blade very durable. The body, on the other hand, is made with solid steel, so you know it will last long.

This model will easily turn 10 bags of garden waste down into a single bag of useful mulch and wood chips. The bag on this machine can hold up to 2.5 bushels, so you do not need to empty it from time to time.


  • Features a 2.5-bushel capacity
  • Comes on a 3-way feed system that suits different user’s preferences
  • Engineered with a powerful motor
  • Features pneumatic wheels


  • The 10:1 reduction ratio can be improved

Features to Consider Before Buying

Since chipper shredders are machines that you would want to use for a lifetime, you do not just buy the first model you see on the market. Here, we listed the guidelines you should consider before buying one. Make sure to check these out so you will end up with the best one for you.


The chipping feature of your chipper shredder is responsible for your woody yard waste. Your chipper shredder will decrease the size of fallen branches from trees or even wood chunks in your yard.

It should reduce the debris into tiny pieces that are more manageable. Compared to the shredder part, chippers have heavier and sharper blades.

Knowing what type of wood you want to work with will help you decide which chipper shredder is best for you. For instance, if you want to chip wood with a diameter larger than 3 inches, you might want to choose a more heavy-duty chipper shredder.


The shredder part of your machine is responsible for smaller pieces of twigs or branches and also fallen leaves. The set of hinged blades and flails are engineered to rotate inside the shredder to process leaves, twigs and stalks super quickly.

After the debris has been reduced, it is discharged into a bin or even straight to the ground.

Shredder turns these materials to mulch. This mulch can be used to fertilize your soil. See, shredding leaves will not only reduce your waste but will improve your plant growth!

The Best of Both

The benefits of both the chipper and the shredder give the user the best of both worlds. It will take care of both the leaves, twigs, and wood branches with a diameter of up to 3 inches.

If you consider the price, electric chipper shredders are more affordable than gasoline-powered ones. Although, the latter option can handle bigger loads of debris.

When you are choosing a chipper shredder, consider what will be best for your needs and try to look at brands with bigger blades. This will make the job easier to be done with.

Basically, there are two major drives in chipper shredders:

Direct Drive

The first one is found mostly with cheaper models. This is the direct drive, meaning the chipper shredder blades will automatically start to rotate as soon as you turn on the machine.

Clutch Drive

On the other hand, there is the clutch drive. Models with this kind of drive will automatically stop if there is nothing to shred or chip. This technology avoids jamming, which is not present with direct drive models.

If you are going to choose a direct drive model, it is best to purchase one with reversible feed.


You need to know what and how much material you would want to work with before you choose a chipper shredder. As mentioned, most commercial chipper shredders out there can process twigs and woods with a diameter of up to 3 inches.

If in case you need to process branches larger than that, it is best to choose a model that can do so.

Power Source

Chipper shredders come in different types, and also with a variety of different power sources. Your chipper shredder’s power source will most likely determine its strength.

Elecric Chipper Shredderfor Smaller Lawn

If you will be working on a small or medium lawn with tiny branches and twigs, electrical chipper shredders can do the job for you with ease. Plus, they are very portable, and you can use them without spending too much time on maintenance.

Another advantage you might want to consider is that electrically powered chipper shredders do not make a lot of noise or fumes. It is important as well to take into consideration how much electricity your machine needs to run.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a pretty wide lawn, you will need to purchase extension cords, preferably the long ones.

Having to purchase extension cords will add to the cost of your machine, and this will also contribute to extra hazards. However, most electric chipper shredders are very simple to operate. Since they are quiet, they will not disturb your family members and neighbors.

Gas Chipper for Larger lawns

On the other hand, gas chipper shredders are more powerful compared to electrical ones. They can take care of bigger branches and are the best choice for wider lawns and wooded areas. Furthermore, they tend to be larger compared to their electrical counterparts as well, so they may consume more space.

Well, this is acceptable since the extra power they give should come from somewhere. This should be because of the larger engines they carry and the fuel tank.

Because they are larger and heavier, it is quite a challenge to move them from one place to another. But most gas-powered models come with a set of wheels to make transport easier. Now, if you want to use an environmentally friendly machine, go for the electric-powered models.

Reduction Ratio

Simply put, the reduction ratio of a chipper shredder is the formula used to know how much the machine will reduce the size of the debris. Basically, if the chipper shredder has a reduction ratio of 5:1, this means that it is capable of reducing the size of the material down to 1/5th of its original size.

Top of the line chipper shredders can reduce to a scale of 10:1.

Shredding Chute

It is best to get a chipper shredder that offers a nice and wide shredding chute. With this, you can easily load the materials and feed them to the machine.

Bag Capacity

The capacity and size of the bin will make a big impact on your yard work. Most chipper shredders in the market come with either bags or bins. This will make disposal a lot easier since the debris will shoot right through these bins.

A larger bag capacity will mean less time in emptying it. For reference, most chipper shredders have a bin capacity of 2 up to 3 bushels.

Benefits of Chipper Shredder

Chipper shredders are great tools to help you get rid of a large amount of lawn debris. Let’s talk about its benefits one by one!

Saves Time in Clean-Up

Since chipper shredders are capable of transforming large chunks of wood into small chips, it will make cleaning up your lawn a lot easier and quicker since you can work with manageable sizes of debris.

Burning of Waste Can Be a Thing of the Past

You might practice burning of debris to get rid of them, but with chipper shredders, this can be a thing of the past. Shredded debris has a lot of use to them. It is proven that you can use them as fertilizers or even fuel your car. Not only does it avoid damaging our environment, but it also helps to nourish it.

Make Useful Materials

Running your debris into chipper shredders will result in the following:

Mulch: Mulch can be used to fertilize and enrich your soil for better plant growth.

Compost: Like mulch, chipper shredders can make compost that can enrich the soil of your plants

Pressed Wood: Very useful if you like to experiment in construction. If not, you can easily sell them for a few bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a woodchipper, and how does it work?

As mentioned in the first part of this article, a chipper shredder, or a woodchipper, will turn large chunks of woods and debris to more manageable sizes and turn them to beneficial materials. Instead of burning these debris or piling them up in your lawn for a long time, woodchippers turn these debris into more useful materials.

Can I use my chipper shredder for materials other than wood?

Chipper shredders are designed to process woods, twigs, leaves, and vines. We do not recommend using it with other kinds of materials because this can be dangerous.

How loud is a chipper shredder?

Technically, a typical gas-powered will be 110 decibels loud. If you are concerned with noise, try reaching for an electric-powered one instead.

How do I clean my chipper shredder?

After using, shut down the machine properly. You can go ahead and clean the chute with a brush or even a cloth. Be sure to lubricate it regularly as well.

I want an electric chipper shredder, but I am afraid of it jamming. What Should I do?

If you need to buy an electric-powered model, make sure to get one with a reversible feed to clear the jams.

Final Words

There you go, the best chipper shredders you can get your hands on. Be sure to use them properly and efficiently; don’t waste your debris and make them useful! Good luck!

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