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Top 7 Best Lawn Sweepers (Review 2023)

A home is not only the space within its four walls. Your home extends to your front porch, and even your backyard. With this, it is important for these locations to look their best.

Having a garden is a nice way to enrich your home. A well-maintained garden really lights up the whole look of your home and reflects who you are as a homeowner. However, this can be a challenge without the help of proper tools.

Worry no more, this article will list down the top 7 best lawn sweeper you can purchase! Stick around and read all throughout for more tips!

7 Best Lawn Sweepers Reviews

Lawn sweepers are investments. How sure are you that you are getting the best one out there? If you are looking for your first lawn sweeper or needing a new one, take a look at our list of the best lawn sweeper for the money.

1. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

Whatever you aim to clean up, may it be leaves, twigs, or even grass clippings, this Agri-Fab sweeper is one of the best choices out there.

It ensures smooth transport in your lawn with its two semi-pneumatic tires. To give you a better idea, semi-pneumatic tires allow easy transportability with the machine because they are lightweight.

This product features a unique and extra-large flow-thru hopper bag, and the mesh type bag fills more completely than other hoppers out there. It can even hold debris 2 to 3 times more than a 2-bin bagger. Surely, you need less time in re-emptying the hopper bag.

It also features 12-inch brushes and a height adjustment lever. With its easy to use indicator, you can be sure it will not slip at all and will clean the debris in only one pass. You can even offset the sweeper tongue if you want to cut and sweep at the same time.

For dumping, you just need to pull the handle it comes with – no need to dismount the tractor and mount it again and again. Surely, this will save you so much time, and you don’t even have to leave your tractor seat.

Another plus is that you need only half an hour or even less than that to assemble this 2-tool machine.

For storage, you can easily fold up and collapse this sweeper without even using one tool. It can be folded down to 30% of its original size.


  • It features semi-pneumatic tires which allow smooth transport
  • Comes with extra-large hopper bag
  • Adjustable brush height
  • Easy dumping system
  • Takes 30 minutes or less to assemble
  • Can collapse down to 30% of its original size


  • The brush can only be moved forward and will cause the drive pin to jam if rotated backward

2. Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn 

Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, Black

If you don’t mind allotting more time for your garden and enjoy a bit of exercise, the Agri-Fab push lawn is for you.

A little trivia, this product is the only push model created by Agri-Fab, but this does not mean it cannot exceed your expectations. Yes, it is not as efficient when using a tow type sweeper but is so much better than using a rake. Therefore, this is perfect for people with small yards.

As mentioned, this product can still wow you. Like the tow type model produced by the same manufacturer, it still has the brush to wheel ratio of 4.5 to 1. Also, it still features an adjustable brush height for that optimum performance.

The height of the lawn sweeper itself is adjustable. You can choose the best height to tidy up your yard no matter how tall you are. If you are worried about its navigation, well, it weighs just 25 lbs and is very easy to push forward. Told you it is also a nice exercise tool!

It has a decent capacity of 7 cubic feet for a lawn sweeper, just enough for those small-sized yards out there. The hopper bag disconnects easily for easy dumping.

Another plus for this product is that since it is a push-type sweeper, it does not contribute to gas or noise pollution. This is such a nice way to relax and exercise at the same time.


  • Perfect for small-sized lawns
  • Features a 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel ratio
  • Adjustable brush height
  • Variable handle height
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Weights just about 25 lbs
  • Perfect for brisk running and exercising


  • Not as efficient as tow type sweepers
  • Still requires a bit of time to tidy up your lawn

3. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab is known to create lawn sweepers that make your lawn care an ease. This particular product is perfect for medium to large-sized lawns.

Agri-Fab 45-0320 sweeper features a sleek black color. Its monochrome appearance suggests a very fresh and modern look.

Also, it features two semi-pneumatic tires that ensure smooth transportation. There is no need to keep on readjusting the sweeper when it hits a rough surface. It also features a 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio, which is decent. You can also adjust the brush when needed.

This product is able to contain up to 12-cubic feet of debris. It may not be that large in terms of capacity, but it is enough for medium size lawns.

The dumping, on the other hand, is very easy to do. Just pull the lever to empty the hopper. You don’t even need to leave your tractor seat.

Since it is a tow type lawn sweeper, you can easily attach it to your trucker. You can clean right after you cut! It is very quick and easy to assemble too. This durable yet lightweight product is collapsible and easy to store.

All in all, this is still one of the best lawn sweepers for leaves. It carries the best features of most high-end and heavy-duty lawn sweepers out there without the intimidating looks and huge size.


  • Comes in a sleek black color
  • Easy dumping system
  • Features semi-pneumatic tires which allow smooth transport
  • Adjustable brush height
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • Capable of holding only 12-cubic feet of debris
  • Users with large lawns would need to remount the hopper bag

4. Yardwise 23630-YW Sweep It 21-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper 

Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper, Width

You might be intimidated to use lawn sweepers over tow type ones. Let me convince you to purchase one through the Yardwise 23630 lawn sweeper!

If you have a small-sized lawn, this product is perfect for you! It does not cost as much as tow type ones, yet it still has the potential of giving you the best cleaning experience.

This product is one perfect example of a cheap lawn sweeper that exceeds your expectations. Unlike other push-type sweepers, this weighs just 12 lbs. You don’t have to worry about exerting too much effort to maneuver or navigate this. Moreover, it folds and hangs easily, saving you space for more storage!

Like other top of the line push lawn sweepers, this features a height adjustment dial. Remember, it is important to set the sweep in the perfect height to maximize its performance. Have I told you its brush is adjustable as well? Yeah, it is on par with other sweepers out there!

This product is proven to pick up to 90% of debris. It is easy to assemble and also user-friendly.

One downside of this product is its capacity. You should take into consideration that this can hold 26 gallons of debris. Compared to other products in this review, it’s only about 3.47 cubic feet. You have to dump quite often if you have a medium to large-sized lawn, but if you have a small one, this will definitely do the job.

Another downside is that it does not have a cover to it, so there is a tendency for the wind to blow away the debris all over the place.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Changeable brush height
  • Easy to store and saves space


  • Capable of holding only 26 gallons of debris
  • Does not have a proper cover to it

5. Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

If you are in search of the best lawn sweeper for sticks and twigs, this Brinly lawn sweeper might be just the one you are looking for.

This high-performance tow-behind type sweeper is on par with other top of the line sweepers out there but sold for a very decent price.  Not only does it clean up leaves, but this high-performance sweeper is also designed to sweep up grass clippings and even pine needles.

It is a tow-behind lawn sweeper that is very efficient and time-saving. You just need to assemble it to your tractor, and you are good to go. Its full black color with a hint of red looks very modern and sleek.

One of the highlights of this sweeper is its hamper. With its extra-large 20 cubic foot hamper, you do not need to dismount it every once in a while. When you need to dump the lawn debris, just pull the cord! You can even do this when you are still in your tractor seat since it features an easy pull t-handle.

It also features a 42-inch sweep! This covers a pretty nice amount of land, so you will need fewer passes to complete tidying your lawn area. It has six brushes that are designed to perform at a high-speed, and they rotate to collect debris without stopping even when the tractor is turning.

Another additional feature is its high brush to wheel ratio. With the adjustable brush-to-ground setting, these lawn sweepers provide maximum picking up performance. It also is easy to store; just collapse the sweeper, and you are done.


  • Twist lock height adjustment for the brush
  • Comes with extra-large 20 cubic foot hopper bag
  • Skips less due to six brush design and high gear ratio
  • Stores upright with collapsible hamper


  • Not much variation is allowed with the brush setting

6. Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper, 26-Inch Sweeping Width, 3.6 Bushel Collection Bag

Lawn sweepers are a lifesaver when you do not have a tractor, and you are tired of using racks. Well, who still uses racks today?

Push type lawn sweepers might not be as efficient in terms of time-saving as tow type sweepers, but it does not mean they cannot satisfy you. Take this Scotts push lawn sweeper, for example.

It features a lovely green and mustard color, which is very eye-catching. You can feel the spring and autumn vibe just by looking at it. It almost invites you to use it each time you look at it.

Unlike most push-type lawn sweepers out there, it features a 26-inch sweeping width. This allows less time for going back and forth on your lawn and more time for other gardening tasks. Also, this tool can easily collect grass clippings and leaves in an instant.

More on its performance, it features a spinning rake-like action when you use it. It sweeps debris from flat lawn surfaces straight to the collecting bag.

You do not need to worry about body pains because this sweeper is very lightweight. It is made from high strength ABS plastic for easy navigation. The handles are even scratch-proof and are made of steel!

Each member of the family can use this product, and its height-adjustable body is convenient to use. The brushes are also adjustable – lower them or raise them higher depending on your lawn situation.


  • Alterable handle height
  • Variable brush height
  • Lightweight
  • 26-inch sweeper is wider compared to others
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Scratchproof handles


  • Hopper is made from fabric
  • Collects only 80% of the debris

7. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50"/26 cu. ft.

This Ohio tow type sweeper is one of the best lawn sweepers for acorns and other debris. As its name implies, it’s a professional sweeper, and it can really meet your expectations.

The sweeper is true to its promises. First, it features a 50″ monstrous sweeping path that is perfect for large-sized lawns. Only a few turns with this thing, and you’re done.

It also features an extra-large 26 cubic foot heavy-duty collector bag that will not disappoint you. Also, its enormous capacity is suitable for those large lawns that are not regularly cleaned and have a thick level of debris. 

This sweeper will wow you more with its top of the line spiral brush. These 11″ spiraled polypropylene brushes sweep efficiently and pick up a lot more debris compared to other brushes out there. With this feature, it also prolongs the product life by putting less stress on the gear.

You can even empty the large hopper just by pulling the rope from the seat of your tractor. Are you worried about clogging? Well, you don’t need to be with this sweeper. It has a 9″ extra-wide chute for smooth debris flow. Moreover, it offers a 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio.

It fits all tractor brands with its 5-position hitch adjustment. And it includes the hitch pin as well. This pro sweeper does not need a lot of storage space. The collapsible hopper allows compact storage.


  • 50″ sweep allows lesser time to tidy the whole lawn
  • 11″ spiraled polypropylene brushes
  • Extra-wide 9″ chute for smooth debris flow
  • 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio
  • Custom-fit to all tractor brands


  • The rope used for dumping is not as durable as metal

What to Look for Before Buying a Lawn Sweeper?

There are a lot of lawn sweepers out there that claim to be the best among the rest. Well, let me tell you that lawn sweepers are very complex machines, they offer different features and are sold at different prices. Not because one lawn sweeper has more features than the other, you can already decide on the former.

Like other investments, it is essential to know what you need and how you intend to use it. We will help you choose the perfect lawn sweeper for you with these considerations, so read on!

Types of Lawn Sweeper

In general, you need to know what kind of lawn sweeper you are in need of. There are two kinds of lawn sweepers.

  • Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

Tow-behind lawn sweepers are attached behind your garden tractor or possibly by another powered machine like a riding mower. This type works best on medium to large garden lawns. They are more efficient since you can operate it with your tractor at the same time. It saves time and labor.

  • Push Lawn Sweepers

Push lawn sweepers are manually operated. They are generally smaller than tow type sweepers. As the name states, they work by being pushed forward. They can be more work than tow-behind sweepers but a major level up from rakes.


The first thing you should decide is your budget. In lawn sweepers, the price varies a lot. There are numerous cheap options out there, but since lawn sweepers are made to be heavy-duty, these cheap ones usually do not last long.

Look for one at a decent price, or if you have the budget, go for the top of the line ones to ensure durability.

Hopper or Hamper Size

Hopper or hamper size is crucial. A small hopper fills faster and requires the user to dump more and make more trips to the landfill. On the other hand, large hoppers have more storage capacity, which allows the user to save time by dumping less frequently.

Lawn Size

You might want to consider investing in a tow type lawn sweeper if you have a large lawn size. Using a push-type lawn sweeper in a large area lawn would be a chore. It will require more time and labor. Tow type lawn sweepers are very efficient to use, especially if you already have a tractor.

Rule of thumb, get a push-type lawn sweeper for small to medium-sized lawns, and choose a tow type for large area lawns to maximize efficiency.


Like other products, choose a brand that is trusted by other users. If you are new with lawn sweeper brands, make sure to read the warranty information. Most of the time, brands that know they produce high-quality products are confident enough to support customers with an extended service guarantee.

Customer Review

It is important to look into customer reviews as much as you can. Most reviews can tell you if the product is true to its promise or not.

Ease/Difficulty of Assembly

Lawn sweepers are made to save users time in garden cleaning and provide them more time for other things. Well, there is nothing worse than a lawn sweeper that takes a lot of time and sweat to assemble. Be careful and choose one that is easy to assemble; there are ones out there that take less than an hour!


It is crucial to consider the type of debris you need to pick up with your lawn sweeper. Are those only leaves? Do you need something to pick up your acorns? Choose a lawn sweeper that can do all these things to get the most out of your purchase.

Benefits of Lawn Sweeper

Naturally, plants leave debris to create space for newer and fresher leaves, twigs, and the like. In terms of cleaning up and tidying, we tend to spend the whole day and suffer body pains afterward that last a few days. Lawn sweepers are a perfect partner for this job. These are just a few benefits of using one.

Saves You Cleaning Hours

Most machines are created to get the work done faster. For lawn sweepers, they can tidy up your garden in minutes. Of course, this still depends on the size of your garden. Still, you don’t have to spend long hours cleaning up debris.

You can now focus on doing other things like trimming your plants, preparing garden soil, and the like.

Get Rid of Those Body Pains

Manually sweeping your lawn is a chore. Doing this for a few hours would really hurt your back, your arms, and shoulders. Well, say goodbye to those with the help of your lawn sweeper.

Good for Your Grass

When you fail to clear your lawn regularly, chances are you block the sunlight from reaching your grass. With this, it is hard for them to get enough nutrients, and they might end up withering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a “brush to wheel ratio” mean?

Brush to wheel ratio states how much rotation can the brushes of a lawn sweeper make in a single wheel turn. A high brush to wheel ratio means the collecting performance of the brush is outstanding.

How do you maintain your lawn sweeper?

Like any machine, it is important to regularly check your lawn sweeper’s parts. Maintenance requirements for lawn sweeper include lubrication of wheel bearings and brush shaft. It also needs cleaning of wheels and, of course, greasing and tightening of nuts and bolts.

Are lawn sweepers suitable for my lawn?

A lawn sweeper is suitable if the surface of your lawn is relatively flat. If you have a large lawn and a tractor, it’s best to use a lawn sweeper.

Do lawn sweepers work on the wet lawn?

Lawn sweepers work on a wet surface, but the performance may not be at the maximum. This is because leaves and other debris tend to stick together when wet, making them quite hard to be picked up.

When should I sweep my lawn?

Basically, you should sweep your lawn after it has just been mowed, or it has a moderate amount of debris. Sweeping your lawn too often might affect the growth of your grass.

To Wrap It All up

There you have it, the 7 best lawn sweepers for the money. With the considerations and FAQs we tackled in this article, we hope we helped you choose between the 7 options that are best for you and your lawn. Happy gardening!

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