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4 Different Types of Drip Irrigation To Help Your Garden Grow

Drip Irrigation is considered to be a sort of micro-irrigation method that is introduced to prevent water wastage and save nutrients. This system works by letting water to drip gradually and directly to the roots of the plants. It can happen in two ways, from under the soil or above. The main idea is to flow water directly towards the roots and minimize the amount of water evaporation.

Many people apply this just to make sure the water reaches the roots of the trees properly. Usually, in hot weather, drip irrigation is the best way to make sure that your trees are getting the maximum water and nutrients.

So, if you’re willing to apply one type of drip irrigation system, then you’re at the perfect place. Because, in this article, we’ll talk about different types of drip Irrigation.

After reading the full article, you’ll have a proper idea about all types of drip irrigation systems. And you’ll surely know which one you’ll apply for your plants.

So, let’s get started!

Different Types of Drip Irrigation

You’ll find lots of other articles stating many more types of drip irrigation, but the basic types of drip irrigation are 4 types.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

Porous Soaker Hose Systems

The only flaw this system has is that you can’t use it for your lawns. Other than that, it’s best for your garden bed and shrub rows. The idea of a drip irrigation system is to make sure the maximum amount of water is soaked by the soil and directed to the root. In this case, the evaporation level is the lowest.

The porous soaker system is basically made using recycled automobile tires. A hose is attached with it and there are tiny holes all over. That’s how the water drips all over its body towards the soil. The system is very efficient and nature-friendly.

One thing you have to take care of is that sometimes water might get stuck inside the tire and cause mosquitoes to lay their eggs and populate the areas with more mosquitoes. So you have to make sure that the installed tires are clean. You can spray mosquito repellants but make sure the repellants don’t harm the plants’ growth or get mixed with the fruits or edibles from your garden. It might harm you further.

Other than this problem, this is an easy-operable system that you can install by hand. So, try it for your garden beds.

Watermatic Drip System

This is one of the most important types of drip irrigation system. Why? Because it’s very scientific and made sure that there are no cons or harm to you or to the plants. Maximum people want to utilize recycled water and use it for their garden or trees. Now you can actually do that with Watermatic drip system. How? Let’s find out.

The drip irrigation system was introduced to minimize the evaporation. In this system, the evaporation is minimized and the water is stored and then dripped using sprinkler heads. That’s how you can actually recycle water every time and use again on your plants.

Usually, where there’s a scarcity of water, this is the best method to utilize. Because you’re not wasting any water, instead you’re using the same water twice to water the plants.

But there’s only a single setback. You can’t install the system by yourself. You need professional help. You’ll be surprised to know that the same system is used for water conservatories. So, this is actually the most scientific way of saving water for your plants.

Emitter Drip System

If you have a landscape or shrubs all over your backyard, this is the system you have been looking for. It’s a simple system you can make by yourself. You can install it both above and below the soil. All you need is hose pipe that you’re willing the fix for one job only.

All you have to do is create a small hole in the hose pipe. Small enough to drip water. Keep those holes about 12 to 15 inches apart. Now, set up a water connection. The next step is up to you. You can keep the hose below the soil, like 2-3 inches down, or you can just create a path above and let your hose be there.

But my suggestion would be burying the pipe. That way, you can have a space to walk through the landscape. If you keep the pipe above, you may have to create a separate path for you to walk. So, bury it if you can. Also, buy the best quality hose pipe with the highest durability.

Micro Misting Sprinklers

Have you been to a hockey game lately? During halftime, the field is drenched using a system which emerges from the underground and sprinkles water all over the field. If you haven’t been to a hockey game, you must have seen it in movies.

The micro misting sprinklers are the less powerful version of the water sprinklers. Basically, for your lawn, you don’t need a dripping system. Normal sprinkles will do. Micro Misting sprinklers are mainly used in vineyards or orchards. But now people are interested to install them in their backyards. Why? Because they’re really dependable and worthy.

With the micro misting system, your backyard will always stay moist and it’ll feel like 24/7 dew drops. Usually, this type of moisturizing is required when you live in a warm and hot place, or if you have grass and plants which require 24/7 moisturizing.

If your backyards pass for any of the conditions below, you’re welcome to install this system. You can stay relieved yourself. But never install it in places where humidity is not an issue.

Final Words

So, these are the different types of drip irrigation system that you can or should install at your backyard or garden. Drip irrigation is suitable for either hot weather or for plants requiring constant moisturizing.

If these are the conditions you have, be sure to select any of the systems according to your need. Because they were introduced to make sure your plants receive the maximum amount of nutrients and water delivered to the roots. You can make sure of that by installing any of the above mentioned drip irrigation systems.

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