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Repairing Brush Cutter – The Best Foolproof Guide (Updated 2023)

A brush cutter is one of the best things that you’d need for your garden. It’s pretty cheap, very efficient and doesn’t require too much effort behind it.

Unlike typical lawn mowers, it does a variety of functions without being a hassle. And to make everything better, you look super cool while handling a brush cutter, unlike other tools.

However, just like most appliances, even brush cutters face problems. But, most problems can very easily be fixed and made better. Knowing how to repair brush cutter might save you a great deal of money in the long run. Also, the good thing is, there is no need for any complex mechanics to repair a brush cutter.

Some of the common troubleshooting and its solutions are described below:

Common Problems and its Solution

  • Faulty spark plugThe spark plug is where the gas passes through. So if your spark plug is out of order, your brush cutter won’t start.

To check whether your spark plug is okay or not, turn it off and let it cool. Afterward, open the brush cutter and bring the spark plus out. If it has a bit of gas in it, it’s still working. However, there might be dirt accumulated on it, so get it cleaned. Get an Emery paper and remove any bit of dirt you see on the body, that might just do the trick.

A spark plug on an average runs for 100 hours. If the problem arises after using it for that period of time or more, getting it replaced will be the better option.

  • Air filter problems: Considering the fact that our gardens have a fair bit of sand and dirt on it, the problem with it is that the filter makes a lot of noise if it’s not clean. It definitely becomes a hassle when in use. Also, too much dirt might overheat the brush cutter and stop it from working.

Open your brush cutter every once in a while and clean the filter with a brush. Check into its manual. If it’s waterproof, wash it with running water. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back inside.

  • Carburetor problems: Gasoline might get clogged in the carburetor if it’s kept upright for too long, causing a cascade of problems for the brush cutter. The most common of which are too many particles getting stuck inside the carburetor and stopping the brush cutter from working altogether.

The most feasible solution to this would be to choose a proper quality fuel. Having a kind of fuel that’s not too gritty is helpful because then less amount of dirt will be attached to the carburetor. We would suggest using fuels with high octane amounts which are generally smoother.

  • In order to fix your carburetor, wipe it first, then use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean. Don’t use a typical carburetor cleaner as the spray can damage the circuits inside.
  • Also, if your carburetor stops functioning, you must get a new one. Some lessons on tinkering and some basic tools are all you’d need to get it fixed.
  • Problem with the module: Smaller brush cutters have a part called the magneto. The magneto is a cross between a generator and a transformer that can produce voltage up to 10kV.  If the spark plug doesn’t function even with proper wiring installed, then it’s the problem of the module.

If the module stops working, there isn’t much troubleshooting. Get a new module and get it back running. You can open it very easily by a spark wrench, open the screws and get it attached.

  • The kill switch problem: The kill switch is a switch that helps in cutting the engine. Basically, it helps in turning off the brush cutter. If the kill switch isn’t working, it’s a problem because the engine would take too long to start and cause overheating and excess noise.

To address this, measure the resistance of the switch. If it’s too short, detach one of the leads of the switch and test again. If it’s somewhere in between the tens of a kilo Ohm, it’s perfect.


We hope this article has given you a basic idea of how to repair brush cutter easily following some basic steps. Anyone with basic knowledge of machinery can follow these steps easily.

Machines face problems, that’s very normal. But prevention is always better than cure, so focusing on a few steps to prevent the occurrence of something to the brush cutter is wiser than waiting for it to get you into trouble.

The steps are fairly simple, keep it clean and ensure its fuel/ battery is at peak condition. A few simple steps such as ensuring the cutter has cooled down before refueling every time and cleaning parts of it, such as the blade, spark plug, air filter, etc. will ensure a longer lifetime of your brush cutter.

Sometime parts for small engine repair can be difficult to find locally, your best bet would be to check your local Ace Hardware, they tend to have parts that most other home improvement stores will not have.

If you are still looking for buying a new one, read our best heavy duty brush cutter review.

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