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Are Lawn Sweepers Worth It?

A neat and clean, tidy lawn is one everyone longs for, but keeping it so is no easy task. Picking up the debris and raking leaves is certainly a chore. It takes a good chunk of time, and it can be hard for the back and the joints. This is when you can consider getting a lawn sweeper. 

But are lawn sweepers worth it? A lawn sweeper is a machine that replaces your rake. The sweeper sweeps leaves, grass clippings, acorns, and all sorts of debris your lawn seems to gather day in and day out. Think you could use one? Read on to find out if lawn sweepers are worth spending money on.

Types of Lawn Sweepers 

There are mainly two types: tow-behind and push-lawn sweeper. Each operates in different ways.

Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper 


This is pulled by a lawn tractor or a riding mower, more suitable for those with big lawns. These take care of the lawn in the shortest time possible. 

Push Lawn Sweeper 


This one is manual. The push lawn sweeper is more suitable for those with smaller lawns. This can be taken up as a form of exercise as well. 

Are Lawn Sweepers Worth It?

If you have a big lawn and don’t like cleaning up, then a lawn sweeper is a good investment to make. This will save you time, as well as from back pains. Lawn sweepers can take care of twigs, pine needles, acorns, pine cones, and all sorts of debris along with leaves. 

A lawn sweeper, however, can’t pick up bigger branches and sticks, so keep that in mind if that is your concern. Along with the lawn, a sweeper can also help with clearing out the dirt and dust from the walkway, driveway, or patio. 

Now let us take a look at more benefits of having a lawn sweeper, which will be helpful for you do decide.

Time Saver 

If you have a larger yard, it will become incredibly tasking to take care of it during the fall or the spring, which is when the lawn needs the most care. It might take up a couple of your weekends to completely clean up.

Getting a lawn sweeper will give you options like reading a book on the patio or enjoying a college football match instead. 

Everything Is Taken Care of 

A lawn sweeper will essentially pick up all of the debris, other than large branches. Instead of going at it with a rake, you get to do it with one sweep with a lawn sweeper.

Easy to Use 

A lawn sweeper is easy to use, especially if you are using a tow-behind one. You will need to empty the hopper at the end of your round. Then all you have to do is pull up to the compost container, pull on the rope, and the hopper will release the heap. After this, you are set to go for another round. 

Fewer Tools 

You will not have to buy more handheld tools such as rakes. A rake or two can still come in handy from time to time, but at least there will be no need to keep many rakes to take up the entirety of your garage or shed.

No More Sore Muscles

Carrying leaves to the burn pile can take up your whole day, and at the end of the day, you have your sore muscles to accompany you (albeit with a clean yard if that’s any consolation).

So, getting a lawn sweeper is worth it when considering the lack of muscle pain. All you need to do is ride on your mower in a tow-behind lawn sweeper. 

Better than a Leaf Blower 


A leaf blower is noisy, heavy and bulky, and overall pain to use. When the wind blows, the leaf piles will scatter everywhere, ultimately working against the blower. Alternatively, a lawn sweeper gathers up the leaves into a hopper, so the wind does not affect the pile at all.

Less Noise 

A leaf blower, as mentioned earlier, is noisy. Nobody wants to be the person who wakes up the entire neighborhood on a weekend morning while trying to beautify their yard. Many communities have banned the use of leaf blowers and other noisy equipment to be in residential areas. 

While a lawn sweeper is not completely noise-free, it is an upgrade from your other tools. You can start early in the morning without becoming public enemy number one and still have the rest of the day to chill.

Get a Lawn Sweeper for a Tidier Lawn 

Keeping a yard looking tidy is hard work, but a lawn sweeper can take care of some of it. A lawn sweeper has many benefits, as mentioned above, including being easy to use and less time-consuming. Considering how much it saves you from sore muscles as well, a lawn sweeper is worth it. 

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